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Pediatric Urologic Oncology Working Group (PUOWG) Spring 2016 Meeting
Saturday May 7th / 5:30 pm
GasLamp CD Room
Manchester Grant Hyatt
(immediately following the Oncology Session at the SPU Annual Meeting)


For the first time, we are including in our program a dedicated session for interesting and educational case presentations within the realm of pediatric, adolescent and young adult urologic oncology. We are planning to accept (4) submissions for 12-minute presentations, with an award for the best case presentation.

Submit via email:
Nicholas Cost (
Deadline: 5pm EST / Friday March 4th.

Submission Format:
500 words or less describing the case (submit as a Word Document) with 5 or fewer images (Submit all imaging together as a Power Point File).

Please contact Jonathan Ross ( or Nick Cost (

News from the Pediatric Urologic Oncology Work Group

A two-part Special Edition series in Urologic Oncology which focuses on Pediatric and Adolescent Urologic Oncology, guest edited by Jeffrey Stock and Nicholas Cost, was recently published. To view the abstracts, please click on the links below. Access to the full article is available to subscribers.

Part One - Table of Contents

Seminar Section

A brief history of pediatric urologic oncology as a subspecialty
Nicholas G. Cost, Jeffrey A. Stock
p. 7–8

The role of urologists in the care of children with cancer
Jonathan H. Ross
p. 9–12

Current surgical standards of care in Wilms tumor
Kathleen Kieran, Peter F. Ehrlich
p. 13–23

Nephron-sparing surgery for Wilms tumor: A systematic review
Rand N. Wilcox Vanden Berg, Emily N. Bierman, Megan Van Noord, Henry E. Rice, Jonathan C. Routh
p. 24–32

Renal function in patients with Wilms tumor
Rodrigo L.P. Romao, Armando J. Lorenzo
p. 33–41

Pediatric and adolescent renal cell carcinoma
Ezekiel E. Young, Christopher T. Brown, Paul A. Merguerian, Ardavan Akhavan
p. 42–49

Current standards of care and future directions for “high-risk” pediatric renal tumors: Anaplastic Wilms tumor and Rhabdoid tumor
James I. Geller
p. 50-56

Part Two – Table of Contents

Seminar Section

The future of pediatric and adolescent urologic oncology as a subspecialty: Gains and growth via research, education, and quality improvement
Nicholas G. Cost, Jeffrey A. Stock
p. 61–62

The successes, failures, advantages and limitations of the cooperative oncology study groups in pediatric urologic oncology
Fernando Ferrer
p. 63–64

Current urologic care for testicular germ cell tumors in pediatric and adolescent patients
Erin C. Grantham, Brian T. Caldwell, Nicholas G. Cost
p. 65–75

The role of testis-sparing surgery in children and adolescents with testicular tumors
Lynn L. Woo, Jonathan H. Ross
p. 76–83

Current management of paratesticular rhabdomyosarcoma
Pankaj P. Dangle, Andres Correa, Lauren Tennyson, Bishoy Gayed, Miguel Reyes-Mϊgica, Michael Ost
p. 84–92

Current standards of care in bladder and prostate rhabdomyosarcoma
Kathleen Kieran, Margarett Shnorhavorian
p. 93–102

Future directions in risk stratification and therapy for advanced pediatric genitourinary rhabdomyosarcoma
Miriam Harel, Fernando A. Ferrer, Linda H. Shapiro, John H. Makari
p. 103–115