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The first group of Diplomates awarded subspecialty certificates in Pediatric Urology (2008) is now entering Level Four of Maintenance of Certification (MOC). These Diplomates are required to take a Pediatric MOC Exam in year 7, 8, or 9 of their subspecialty certification. The first opportunity to take the exam is October 14 or 23, 2015. The Pediatric MOC Exam will be given on the same day as the Pediatric Subspecialty Certifying Exam taken by the recent Fellows.

The American Board of Urology has decided that this will be the same exam. There are two reasons for this decision. Most importantly, we feel the Diplomate who chooses to maintain certification in the subspecialty of pediatric urology should be held to the same standard and rigor required for initial certification. In addition, the overall number of Diplomates certifying and maintaining certification in pediatric urology remains low. In order to ensure that the exam has reliability from a statistical perspective to establish a valid pass-point, it is necessary to combine the results of those Diplomates certifying with those participating in MOC.

PSCE Date Conflict with ESPU Joint Meeting

The American Board of Urology is aware that there is a conflict this fall between the Prague joint meeting with the ESPU (October 14-17, 2015) and the Pediatric Subspecialty Certifying Exam. The 2015 PSCE will be offered on October 14 and 23; applicants may select either day, provided an exam center and seat are available. We are unable to change the dates of the examination. The exams are administered by Pearson VUE, which is a national testing center. Our dates are booked two years in advance and we are not able to change the exam dates. The dates are the same dates that we offer the recertification and MOC exam for the adult urologists.

The conference in Prague ends on October 17, which should give attendees who are also interested in taking the PSCE time to travel back to the US and take the exam on October 23. Alternately, one can wait and take the examination in 2016. Those exam dates are October 21 and 28, 2016. This examination impacts both MOC pediatric subspecialty applicants and initial certification applicants. For MOC applicants, 2015 is the first opportunity to complete Level 4 requirements; therefore, if one chooses to defer the examination in 2015, he/she will still have two additional opportunities to take the examination. For initial subspecialty certification applicants, those choosing to defer the examination in 2015 may do so without penalty.

Application instructions will be mailed in December 2014. Deadline for application is February 1, 2015; logs are due March 15, 2015.

Contact information for the American Board of Urology is 434-979-0059 or via email to

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